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Born out of Scarborough, Ontario, singer-songwriter Spencer Burns has had an undying passion for music since a very early age. With music in his home, Spencer became accustomed to a variety of genres with country taking precedent in his life throughout his teenage years. 
Spencer started singing and playing instruments in school, contributing to genres from country, choral, jazz, and pop. After performing on stage throughout his high school years, he has recently begun to refine his skills as a pop-country artist.
With a variety of influencers throughout his life, Spencer has had to opportunity to hone his skills as a singer from artists like Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs and FGL. Spencer also has a strong passion for songwriting and has been influenced by writers such as Hardy, Hunter Phelps and Jameson Rodgers to improve his ability to create music from a cleaver and musically appealing perspective. Spencer’s greatest hope is to create music that people will love and can draw a connection with. He hopes gain North American recognition as well as adding to the Canadian Country scene and continue to popularize the music genre in his home country. 

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